The Elder Shall Serve the Younger

Israel must have looked ridiculous with his arms outstretched in front of him, crossed just below the elbow, as he placed his hands on Joshua’s children and spoke a blessing over them. Israel was a mostly blind man, aged by more than a hundred dry, harsh, Levantine summers. He was nearing the very end of […]


Israel was only a remnant by the time Jesus walked the earth within the political boundaries of a tiny, insignificant, troublesome province of the Roman Empire. Not all Jews had returned following Babylonian captivity, and the Maccabean period and Hellenization were yet to be endured, which waylaid many more into abandoning the God of their […]

Jeroboam Part 2: The Rise of Jeroboam

The proper context is now laid for why Solomon had the kingdom rent away. Jeroboam’s origins become important, mostly detailed in 1 Kings 11-12 and 2 Chronicles 10. Solomon and Judah’s corruption is manifest to all, and as a consequence God raises up adversaries to the one who had been visited by God, given tremendous […]

Jeroboam Part 1: Solomon

A golden calf stood in Bethel, where once Jacob had been given a glimpse of angels ascending and descending a heavenly spiral staircase. Jacob had fallen asleep using a rock as his pillow, and had an encounter that changed the destiny of his offspring. The place where the relationship of the namesake of the nation […]

In the Beginning

The tempting fruit shined in the sunlight, and the piercing echo of the words of God echoed in Adam’s head. In the first act of suppressing one’s own internal dialogue, Adam pressed through his own resistance to join his wife in eating the fruit she had taken from the forbidden tree. At least abstractly, he […]

The Hezekiah Blunder

In a revered place in the tombs of the sons of David, amidst the honor of the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem, Hezekiah was laid to rest and honored by all at his death, the end of a twenty nine year reign that was the most righteous of any king of Judah between David and […]