Biblical Short Story: David and the Death of Ishbosheth

The sweltering heat of the midday had given way and cool evening breezes from the west were beginning. David, now girded in some of his light armor, wandered over to a window, hearing some tumult outside. Two men with full, thick beards, one of whom had obvious reddish-brown stains below chest level on his garments, … Continue reading Biblical Short Story: David and the Death of Ishbosheth

PRAYER: The Short and the Sweet — Arrow Prayers

The Value of Sparrows

Arrow prayers are, essentially, one-line (or two) prayers said in the moment.  They are characterized as very heartfelt and sincere petitions that sum up the problem nicely.  The term, arrow prayer, was coined by Augustine to describe an early Coptic form of monastic prayer.

Since the arrow is mentioned, I will describe these prayers as going to the heart of the matter in a most swift and efficient manner.

What do you think?

One of these days I want to set aside some time to sit down and come with some of my own.  But, perhaps, setting some time aside to sit down and create these would be defeating the purpose — they are supposed to be spontaneous, and instant in their creation, after all.

Oh well.

Here are some examples:

O Lord, you know how busy I must be this day; if I forget you, do not forget me:…

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Intellectual Porn; Why I’m not an Ancap

I got into an interaction on Twitter which got me thinking (see the whole thread and the back and forth between me and "Nom DeGuerre"). Intellectualism is usually at least partly hedonistic. It is, as much as cuisine or sex, an effort to achieve a sense of fulfillment and harmony with the world … Continue reading Intellectual Porn; Why I’m not an Ancap