Video + Notes on “Israel” Response to Peter Helland Discussion

I made a video response for this video: Here's my response: Below are the notes I put together analyzing the discussion, if you're more of a reader. Enjoy! This is a video response to “Israel – Beloved Enemies?” By Peter Helland with his guests Matt, Gus, and Mike. Toward the end I had a bit … Continue reading Video + Notes on “Israel” Response to Peter Helland Discussion

Amos 1-8 Commentary

Amos 1-2 includes judgments on these entities: Damascus Gaza Tyre Edom Ammonites Moab Judah: "Covenant Transgressions" - Rejected law, followed false gods as did their fathers Israel: "Covenant Transgressions" - treated the poor badly; sexual immorality; corruption of contracts; multiplied altars, money exchanging hands near many altars; drink wine with fines levied "in the temple … Continue reading Amos 1-8 Commentary

Catholic Pharisees and Protestant Samaritans

I considered Catholics Pharisees for more than a decade. A common biblical paradigm for Protestants to justify rejecting Catholicism is likening the Catholics to Pharisees; those who "make their phylacteries long," or "have neglected the weightier matters." I understand the appeal of this claim. They might see the liturgy or the thoroughly complex canon legal … Continue reading Catholic Pharisees and Protestant Samaritans

The Tribes and The Apostles

Counting the Tribes The tribes are always described as twelve, though the composition of that twelve is sometimes different. Prior to the Egyptian captivity, the twelve tribes were simply the “sons of Israel” (genealogies reckoned in 1 Chronicles 2): Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Asher, Gad, Joseph, Benjamin. Before Israel (the man) … Continue reading The Tribes and The Apostles