Former Rain, Latter Rain, Harvest Cycles

The pattern of the harvest season is pervasive in the Old Testament (OT) and throughout the sayings of Jesus. However, it is a difficult area to study for a new Christian because of the few and scattered references to it in the scriptures, and the apparent unwillingness to attempt serious Old Testament teaching at most […]

Brief Type Study of David

David is one of the most iconic Old Testament characters. A serious filmmaker could write an incredible screenplay based on his life. It really has all the intrigue and interesting facets of a fantastic story – love interests, war, a very admirable protagonist from humble beginnings, unique moral issues, etc. As an aside, what I […]

The Adam Pattern

The Church is a second version of Israel. It repeats Israel’s history and calling. Throughout the Bible, a pattern exists of a failed first version and a second version which is like it. Adam failed by choosing sin over the commandment of God, whereas Christ chose to die to atone for his future bride’s sins. […]

My Interpretive Philosophy and Current Research

My current research obsession is the parallels of Israel to the entire history of the Church specifically and symbology/typology in general. Israel’s significance to understanding Jesus Christ and the Church is very difficult to overstate. Israel bears the marks and patterns of how God is planning to raise up a people to himself to eventually […]

The Twelve Tribes

This is a brief excerpt from the larger book I’m writing at the moment. Thought it might be interesting for anyone who hasn’t noticed before the nuances of how the tribes are counted, ordered, and mentioned in varying contexts. The “Twelve Tribes” of Israel The tribes are always described as 12, even though the composition […]