The Necessity of Religious Culture

Tanner Guzy recently tweeted this: I actually disagree with him quite a bit here. Religious cultures succeed because they can build systems and institutions that have non-materialistic fuel as a major impetus for their maintenance and the enthusiasm of their stewards. Think of it this way, using the example of caring for the poor … Continue reading The Necessity of Religious Culture

Mind Viruses

If you've ever watched genuine conspiracy theorists at it, you've seen a slew of distortions designed to trap people into patterns of thinking that oversimplify nuances and give an unduly broad scope of explanation to a particular idea. The essence of this is, to me, a "mind virus." It appeals to something we desperately desire … Continue reading Mind Viruses

Intellectual Porn; Why I’m not an Ancap

I got into an interaction on Twitter which got me thinking (see the whole thread and the back and forth between me and "Nom DeGuerre"). Intellectualism is usually at least partly hedonistic. It is, as much as cuisine or sex, an effort to achieve a sense of fulfillment and harmony with the world … Continue reading Intellectual Porn; Why I’m not an Ancap

In Praise of the West; Detangling Liberalism from the West

To the enemies of the West, who believe that the West is responsible for colonialism, oppression, death, and hatred: We are not sorry. We will not apologize for carving beauty out of this hellhole world's roving bands of gangs, wanton genocides, and general disregard for other human life which are the mainstays of every civilization. … Continue reading In Praise of the West; Detangling Liberalism from the West