Biblical Short Story: David and Ishbosheth, Part 2

David and his men reconvened at his headquarters. David’s men were elated, since they knew what Ishbosheth’s death meant for David. David’s somber and irritated disposition was typical David – his moods were frequently contrary to the mood of everyone else around him. Great victories usually meant David would warn the men how close they … Continue reading Biblical Short Story: David and Ishbosheth, Part 2

Video + Notes on “Israel” Response to Peter Helland Discussion

I made a video response for this video: Here's my response: Below are the notes I put together analyzing the discussion, if you're more of a reader. Enjoy! This is a video response to “Israel – Beloved Enemies?” By Peter Helland with his guests Matt, Gus, and Mike. Toward the end I had a bit … Continue reading Video + Notes on “Israel” Response to Peter Helland Discussion

Amos 1-8 Commentary

Amos 1-2 includes judgments on these entities: Damascus Gaza Tyre Edom Ammonites Moab Judah: "Covenant Transgressions" - Rejected law, followed false gods as did their fathers Israel: "Covenant Transgressions" - treated the poor badly; sexual immorality; corruption of contracts; multiplied altars, money exchanging hands near many altars; drink wine with fines levied "in the temple … Continue reading Amos 1-8 Commentary

Catholic Pharisees and Protestant Samaritans

I considered Catholics Pharisees for more than a decade. A common biblical paradigm for Protestants to justify rejecting Catholicism is likening the Catholics to Pharisees; those who "make their phylacteries long," or "have neglected the weightier matters." I understand the appeal of this claim. They might see the liturgy or the thoroughly complex canon legal … Continue reading Catholic Pharisees and Protestant Samaritans