Biblical Short Story: David and Ishbosheth, Part 2

David and his men reconvened at his headquarters. David’s men were elated, since they knew what Ishbosheth’s death meant for David. David’s somber and irritated disposition was typical David – his moods were frequently contrary to the mood of everyone else around him. Great victories usually meant David would warn the men how close they … Continue reading Biblical Short Story: David and Ishbosheth, Part 2

Amos 1-8 Commentary

Amos 1-2 includes judgments on these entities: Damascus Gaza Tyre Edom Ammonites Moab Judah: "Covenant Transgressions" - Rejected law, followed false gods as did their fathers Israel: "Covenant Transgressions" - treated the poor badly; sexual immorality; corruption of contracts; multiplied altars, money exchanging hands near many altars; drink wine with fines levied "in the temple … Continue reading Amos 1-8 Commentary

The Tribes and The Apostles

Counting the Tribes The tribes are always described as twelve, though the composition of that twelve is sometimes different. Prior to the Egyptian captivity, the twelve tribes were simply the “sons of Israel” (genealogies reckoned in 1 Chronicles 2): Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Asher, Gad, Joseph, Benjamin. Before Israel (the man) … Continue reading The Tribes and The Apostles