Amos 1-8 Commentary

Amos 1-2 includes judgments on these entities: Damascus Gaza Tyre Edom Ammonites Moab Judah: "Covenant Transgressions" - Rejected law, followed false gods as did their fathers Israel: "Covenant Transgressions" - treated the poor badly; sexual immorality; corruption of contracts; multiplied altars, money exchanging hands near many altars; drink wine with fines levied "in the temple … Continue reading Amos 1-8 Commentary

The Tabernacle of David and Israel’s Spiritual Eras

All of Israel except two – Joshua and Caleb – died in the wilderness before entering the land. Perhaps the reason was that the Egyptian culture had been woven into Israel’s thinking and would need to be extirpated to maximize the success of the new nation. Although they remained a distinct entity ethnically, in Egypt … Continue reading The Tabernacle of David and Israel’s Spiritual Eras